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Painted this for my boyfriend. Thought it belonged here.

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Dolphins to pursue T Brandon Albert in FA

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Dolphins "bullying" scandal report to be released Thursday according to report

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Next season

Our only easy games next season will be the raiders and jaguars. If me make the playoffs we will be well prepared due to the ammount of resitance we recieved. GO PHINS!

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Jon Martin is a latte sipping, poem writing, draft bust! This shithead not only wasted our 2nd round pick but is taking our pro bowl tackle down with him.

Why couldn't this loser be drafted by New England?

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Fun Fact! No team has ever won a Super Bowl with Wes Welker at Wide Receiver!

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After Watching the Last Seattle Touchdown

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This is my halftime entertainment.

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What did Daniel Tosh do?

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Lawyer Releases Text Messages Between Martin & Incognito

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