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Making a music WordPress plugin


I got to admit, little pain making a WP plugin. Had to polish up in some php memories.

Goal: to check box media (songs, videos) in media manager to have all play on a page on a playlist. I like background music during work and would like to do off site since have youtube, mp3s, etc.

Got my google Glass for the weekend from friend.


Time to play…



How a nerd follows their favorit team. Working on this as I’m following the dolphins trades/pickups

So I got every dolphin rss feed i can find and i’m querying them for keywords e.g. free agent, trade

if it triggers i call Twillio api to send to my phone. That simple :)

Reddit RSS trick

someone asked how I interfaced reddit like i did.

so many sites dont publish it…but if you do this

you will get the rss feed and then handle it the way you want. I just pull them, throw in lightbox for me to read in morning. Only thing I’m trying to change is, pull up the originating article first…then pull up reddit reader comments