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Who else think bulls ain't winning another one?

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Any fans of the movie Heat?

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Sorry for the Bulls fans.

Hey, decided to stop by from /r/chicagobulls to say sorry about the shit fans from /r/nba with Bulls flairs. The ones talking a lot of   

To all the haters complaining about the refs...

Quit wearing Rose tinted glasses.

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Cole World Appreciation Thread!

Man, NORRIS COLE feels like every game he improves all season long. His weakness was the outside shot and right now is the best heat shooter!


What a great win!

I loved watching this. The Heat kept their composure and let the Bulls act foolish. Bulls play so dirty. I live in downtown Chicago (originally from Homestead,   

Trying to plan a trip for a game

Hey heat fans,

I've been a huge heat fan for quite some time now and am trying (knock on wood) to plan a trip down if   

Miami Heat (1-1) @ Chicago Bulls (1-1) - (May. 10, 2013)

fyi anyone can make a game thread in the future if need be


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Predictions for tonight's game?

I'm thinking Heat by 10 with 1 flagrant and 3 technicals.

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Going to see the Miami Heat play in Chicago tomorrow! Any suggestions, as it is my first NBA and Heat game, on what to wear, bring, or do?

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