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Lorenzo: Showbiz on SoBe

Sitting on the front porch at Lorenzo in South Beach on a bright afternoon, a crew of reality TV stars bickers in French. They reek of cologne and spray-on tan. The leader, a stern man with slick hair and a crisp button-down shirt, looks like a portly Bruce Jenner. His

Lash the Lakers

This is it, the match up NBA fans have been dying to see. Two of the NBA’s most popular teams, on the NBA’s spotlight weeknight game. Our hometown Miami Heat versus the Los Angeles Lakers, featuring a star-studded lineup of… Jodie Meeks? Nick Young? Xavier Henry?

Miami Company Launches Cyber Attack on Syrian Rebels

A cross rebel-held Syria last September, an innocuous-seeming image of a man kissing a woman flashed across computer screens. It prompted curiosity and clicks. But as rebels soon learned, the image was actually a virus, and they’d just infected their computers. For months, as Syria descended deep…

Prostitutes Steal Millions and Walk Free

Scott Rosen thought he had sealed the deal when the pretty blond 20-something got up to use the bathroom. The 55-year-old with a receding hairline and freshly pressed shirt downed a $12 vodka cranberry as he waited for his target to slink back to the wicker sofa he occupied on

Reader Mail: The First 48 and Scandal

Taking a Bite Out of The First 48

Grab your pitchfork: How much do the producers of The First 48 generate from this show (“The False 48,” Terrence McCoy, January 16)? And they declined to pay, or rather donate, $10,000 for the benefit of children in these neigh…

Big Bad Wolves: A Brutal Israeli Exploitation Flick

The publicity campaign for Big Bad Wolves, a nasty little revenge thriller from Israeli filmmakers Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales, quotes Quentin Tarantino’s decree that it’s the “best film of the year.” Tarantino saw Big Bad Wolves at last year’s Busan Film Festival, wh…

The Past Is Brilliant

Iranian writer-director Asghar Farhadi solidifies his status as one of cinema’s finest living dramatists with The Past, a superb followup to 2011’s Oscar-winning A Separation that again situates audiences amid interpersonal, familial, and household crises. Working from a scri…

Disclosure and Nine Other Acts That Could Save EDM

Listen up, people. If you still think EDM is exciting and fresh, that’s a sign you’re a newb. The rest of us have been at this party way past our bedtimes, and we keep checking our watches like, Are you done yet?

But just when we were about to pay our

The Underground World of Used Luxury Car Rentals

The two men took turns waling on Jeffrey Worstell. A gold chain danced against the skinny one’s white tank top as he beat the 29-year-old mechanic senseless with a nickel-plated .357 Smith & Wesson. When the skinny guy needed a breather, his partner — a hefty six-foot man in a

End of the Rainbow: Judy Garland's Last Years

When you think of self-destructive entertainers who died before their time, which names come to mind? Jim Morrison? Jimi Hendrix? Kurt Cobain? Amy Winehouse? We don’t really think of Judy Garland in this capacity — at least I never did — because she lived 20 years longer than these fa…