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Disclosure and Nine Other Acts That Could Save EDM

Listen up, people. If you still think EDM is exciting and fresh, that’s a sign you’re a newb. The rest of us have been at this party way past our bedtimes, and we keep checking our watches like, Are you done yet?

But just when we were about to pay our

The Underground World of Used Luxury Car Rentals

The two men took turns waling on Jeffrey Worstell. A gold chain danced against the skinny one’s white tank top as he beat the 29-year-old mechanic senseless with a nickel-plated .357 Smith & Wesson. When the skinny guy needed a breather, his partner — a hefty six-foot man in a

End of the Rainbow: Judy Garland's Last Years

When you think of self-destructive entertainers who died before their time, which names come to mind? Jim Morrison? Jimi Hendrix? Kurt Cobain? Amy Winehouse? We don’t really think of Judy Garland in this capacity — at least I never did — because she lived 20 years longer than these fa…

Two $2,000 Bongs Stolen From Westchester Head Shop

Alex Inman runs a high-end head shop in Westchester about 20 blocks from Florida International University. Casa de Cristal is one of a handful of places in Florida that sell Mothership brand glass items, the Holy Grail of the water pipe world. The company bills its products as “elite functional

Justin Bieber Should Commit One of These Crimes to Be a Gangster

Justin Bieber is no different from Kim Kardashian. He has to do outrageous things to continue drawing attention. Now police are investigating him and his buddies for allegedly egging his neighbor’s house in the exclusive community of Calabasas, California. The egg-throwers could face felony vanda…

Vanessa Hudgens Proves Truer Than Gimme Shelter

You can say this for the Disney teen machine: They sure know how to pick ’em.

Vanessa Hudgens was 17 when High School Musical made her famous, the tail end of a generation of Mouseketeers that included her contemporaries Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez, and her elders Just…

La Partida Is a Ferocious Havana Swoon

There’s hunger, and then there’s hunger, and every kind of both fuels the desperate young Cuban men who scrap through this nervy, sensual feature. The first hunger is the obvious one: Good food, like almost everything a family needs, isn’t easy to come by in late-era Havana, so husband and

WLRN Employees Face Cutbacks While Top Fundraiser Makes $400,000

These are trying times at WLRN. All media companies are struggling to shake off the death grip of declining ad revenue (New Times being no exception). The past year has been particularly turbulent for South Florida’s public radio station, however. WLRN’s best-known host, Phil Latzman, was …

Lenny Cooke: From Basketball Wunderkind to Ordinary Guy

Ordinary life comes to look like a humiliation in the late reels of Lenny Cooke, yet another heartbreaker of a doc in which a compelling basketball story powers a discomfiting examination of a crisis facing young American men, so many of whom are encouraged to develop skills and interests …

Antony and Cleopatra Is McCraney's Masterpiece

Of all the historic masterworks in the Shakespeare canon, Antony and Cleopatra might be the least likely play to appear in a given company’s season, for a simple reason: It’s really hard to do.

The play, written in 1606, dramatizes nothing less than the collapse of Rome’s tr…