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La Partida Is a Ferocious Havana Swoon

There’s hunger, and then there’s hunger, and every kind of both fuels the desperate young Cuban men who scrap through this nervy, sensual feature. The first hunger is the obvious one: Good food, like almost everything a family needs, isn’t easy to come by in late-era Havana, so husband and

WLRN Employees Face Cutbacks While Top Fundraiser Makes $400,000

These are trying times at WLRN. All media companies are struggling to shake off the death grip of declining ad revenue (New Times being no exception). The past year has been particularly turbulent for South Florida’s public radio station, however. WLRN’s best-known host, Phil Latzman, was …

Lenny Cooke: From Basketball Wunderkind to Ordinary Guy

Ordinary life comes to look like a humiliation in the late reels of Lenny Cooke, yet another heartbreaker of a doc in which a compelling basketball story powers a discomfiting examination of a crisis facing young American men, so many of whom are encouraged to develop skills and interests …

The Four Good Things in I, Frankenstein

There are four good things we can say about I, Frankenstein, another muscles-and-rubble comic book adaptation just un-terrible enough not to alienate its core audience, yet never consistently grand or surprising enough to win over anyone else.

First, Aaron Eckhart brings it, scowli…

Locall's Organic Growth in SoBe Sells Only Local Produce

Locall’s Organic Growth, a fruit and vegetable shop in South Beach, is tiny. Owner Kirsten Hartburg prefers it that way. “It’s a small space because we keep our produce fresh. Everything here is picked in the morning,” she says.

At her quaint store, which opened in December in the …

Dance to the Big Screen

Culturally speaking, Miami keeps getting better. More people are checking out more events, and the latter seem to get more creative as well. For instance, the inaugural ScreenDance Miami Film Festival, produced by Tigertail Productions, running Thursday through Sunday. Intended to highlight t…

Lorenzo: Showbiz on SoBe

Sitting on the front porch at Lorenzo in South Beach on a bright afternoon, a crew of reality TV stars bickers in French. They reek of cologne and spray-on tan. The leader, a stern man with slick hair and a crisp button-down shirt, looks like a portly Bruce Jenner. His

Lash the Lakers

This is it, the match up NBA fans have been dying to see. Two of the NBA’s most popular teams, on the NBA’s spotlight weeknight game. Our hometown Miami Heat versus the Los Angeles Lakers, featuring a star-studded lineup of… Jodie Meeks? Nick Young? Xavier Henry?

Miami Company Launches Cyber Attack on Syrian Rebels

A cross rebel-held Syria last September, an innocuous-seeming image of a man kissing a woman flashed across computer screens. It prompted curiosity and clicks. But as rebels soon learned, the image was actually a virus, and they’d just infected their computers. For months, as Syria descended deep…

A Found-Footage Attempt at Rosemary's Baby in Devil's Due

In Devil’s Due, co-directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (V/H/S) and first-time screenwriter Lindsay Devlin offer an uninspired found-footage riff on Roman Polanski’s demon-spawn classic, Rosemary’s Baby (1968).

On their Dominican Republic honeymoon, the …