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Jet fuel from seawater, if they can do this why not power the world?

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After 13 years of existence, Windows XP is still resisting its death sentence.

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Schneier: CSEC Surveillance Analysis of IP and User Data

submitted by maxwellhill
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Apple's A7 Processor Targeted in new Patent Lawsuit

submitted by scdayo
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Apple's 'free iWork suite' promotion is a bait and switch scam; includes a hidden 30-day 'use it or lose it' window after your new device purchase.

submitted by theTechHippie
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International Space Station will soon contain the coldest spot in the known universe.

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Dell to lay off 15000

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Tech Firms Look to New Era in Batteries

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A guide to cryptography apps - Tor, Cryptocat, Twister and more

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The pinnacle of technology: An English/Cockney language ATM.

submitted by jxj24
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