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A New Look For

A New Look For

A few weeks ago, Nick came into my office and asked if I thought we could get more engagement out of the new He felt that we'd succeeded on the transition from a blog to a link blog, but we had not succeeded in really stimulating discussions

Freedom and Innovation

I testified yesterday in a public hearing on Bitcoin as part of two days of hearings put on by the New York State Department of Financial Services. The hearings are being livestreamed here and you can click on the archives and watch yesterday's two panels.

I got pretty animated

This For That

My partner Brad, who is the conscience of USV, said something in one of our recent monday team meetings that has been rattling in my brain ever since. It was a throwaway line for him. He probably doesn't even remember it. But I do.

We were talking about some investment opportunity

You Are Not Your Work

My friend Gary said this to me the other day in an email. He wasn't talking about me but he could have beeen. Last night I went to bed thinking about my work, dreamt about my work, and woke up thinking about my work. It's been that way - areas of interest - areas of interest

I spent some time analyzing the top tags used to post stories on Here is the tag cloud:

There are some redundant terms in the tag cloud (ie startups/startup), so I put the tags into a spreadsheet and cleaned it up a bit.


Investing In Startups In Europe

One of the big european tech conferences starts today. It's called DLD and my partner Albert is giving a talk there tomorrow. The last big european tech conference was LeWeb and I gave a talk there. You might wonder why we fly across the pond to

Video Of The Week: Chris, Marc, and Eric

Tyrone sent this video to me and I started watching it this morning on Chromecast in my family room. I don’t think I’ve seen Chris and Marc do anything together publicly. Since they are two of the smartest people I know, and since they work together

Feature Friday: daily email blast

For those of you who have made a habit of visiting regularly to see what the usv community is reading and discussing, we now have a way of getting that via email.

Here is how

1) go to

2) on the upper right, click “Log in with

The Mutual Company

I remember a time when I was growing up when many of the savings banks and insurance companies were mutual companies. A mutual company is one where the customers own the company, more or less. It seems like the concept lost favor and many of these banks and

Back To Work

I took the past two weeks off. I turned on my out of office notification, checked email less, stayed on top of things but reacted to less, did zero meetings, did fewer calls, and didn't go to the office at all. I slept eight hours most nights and a bit

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