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Loss Ratios In Early Stage VC

When I was early in my career, I casually mentioned to an older VC that I had yet to lose money on an investment. He replied “that's not good, you aren't taking enough risk.” I have gone on to lose a lot of money over the years. And made a

Video Of The Week: William's Interview of My Partner Albert

Albert stopped by the OneEleven accelerator in Toronto after the most recent Wattpad board meeting and sat down for a talk with William Mougayar.

Topics they discussed include how Albert got into Tech, working with entrepreneurs, the USV investment thesis, Tumblr, Foursquare, education, homeschooling, healthcare, Canada,

The Billion Dollar Valuation Club

Aileen Lee has a really good post up on TechCrunch, in which she analyzes the number of companies that have been started since 2003 that have gone on to be worth $1bn or more.

This is a very useful exercise in the VC business since it

The Role Of Personal Chemistry In Investment Selection

From the outside, most people think that VCs are just looking for the best ideas that will generate the biggest companies. And that is true. We want to invest in big ideas, big markets, and big outcomes. That is a necessary part

Profitless Prosperity

If a Company is making huge profits this year but will not make any profits in the future, it is worthless in the eyes of an investor. But if it loses money this year and next year and may lose money for a few more years, it can still be

A New Front Door For USV

A New Front Door For USV

This won't be news to many of you who figured this out a while ago. But USV has a new front door and has had it for a few weeks now. I blogged about the desire for a new back in June of 2012, when

USV Goes To The Bay Area

I got up early, even for me, took a car to the airport, and boarded a flight to SFO to join my partners who have been in SF since yesterday. From the moment I land at SFO until the moment I get on a flight back to NYC early friday

Video Of The Week: Paul Graham in 2005

There are a lot of awesome people in the startup community, but Paul is among the most awesome.

Tech Is NYC's Second Largest Job Sector

I am a bit surprised by this report, which says that NYC's second largest job sector is tech. According to The Verge, which wrote a post about this report:

Dr. Mandel counts 262,000 well-paying jobs in tech and information, an 11 percent jump since the economy crashed

Starting and Finishing

AVC regular Donna White posted this to her Tumblr yesterday:

I'm a crotchety old guy. I worry about all these new companies. I’m glad that they’re easier to start, but the problem is, they’re just as hard to finish as they have always been.

The quote