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Some Lessons From Vine

USV is an investor in Twitter so I've been watching the Vine story closely. As AllThingsD reports, Vine continues to grow in the wake of Instagram's video feature launch. Vine is a top ten free app on iOS and top 25 on Android in the US. So the

Tech Circle

I have found it increasingly difficult to find blogs and blog posts by regular bloggers who are talking about things that are interesting to me. The big aggregators (Hacker News, Reddit, Techmeme) sometimes surface interesting posts, but where do you find about the every day blogger who is writing about

The Grind

People ask me what a day in the life of a VC is like. Each one is different. But they can be a grind. Take yesterday for example.

I started yesterday at 8am with a breakfast meeting. I ended around 8:15pm when I wrapped up a pitch meeting in my

Qualified Small Business Stock

For the past twenty years, the US federal tax code has included provisions that allow startup investors to get favorable tax treatment on the capital gains they earn on early stage investments. These provisions are in Sections 1202 and Sections 1045 of the tax code.

I have

Video Of The Week: The 2007 Blackberry Shootout

We are going back in time for this one. This went down before Twitter, Tumblr, Zynga, and a host of other things that happened in 2007. This also happened before I had done a deal with Bijan. Maybe the spanking he gave me here was the catalyst to change that.

Growth Is A Bitch

Dan Frommer writes that Apple's decade of blistering growth has, at least temporarily, come to a halt. And you can see that in the stock:

Companies are worth a multiple of their earnings and that multiple is directly related to earnings growth rates. When you are growing

Mailing It In

We flew down to Williamsburg Virginia yesterday to attend my dad's 85th birthday. He and my mom are in great shape and my brothers and their families were there. It was a great evening.

On the flight down, Josh and I read the Jay-Z article in NY Magazine

Back In Ljubljana

Back in 2008, we invested in a small team out of SeedCamp called Zemanta. They were located in Ljubljana Slovenia but I met them in London. The following summer I visited the company in its hometown along with the Gotham Gal and our son

Video Of The Week: Talk with Dave Morgan, John Battelle & Me

During the OpenCo event/week in NYC a month or so ago, I sat down at cocktail hour at Simulmedia with Dave Morgan and John Battelle. We had a great chat and the folks at Simulmedia edited it down to about 18mins. It's a fun talk.

Video Of The Week: Jerry Colonna on ThisWeekIn

Back in 1996, at the very start of Flatiron Partners, Jerry Colonna, who started Flatiron with me, introduced me to Jason Calacanis. We hired Jason to do some due diligence for us on a potential investment in Geocities. That's how I met Jason. We went on to buy the first