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California Cracks Down on Hacker Boot Camps

Hacker bootcamps have sprung up across the world in recent years, offering crash courses in the science and art of computer programming. These schools are particularly prevalent in California’s Silicon Valley — the heart of the tech world — and in a place where demand for coders just keep going

Why Foxconn's iPhone Robots Could Create American Jobs

Two of the most common tropes about unemployment in the U.S. are that China is taking jobs and robots are taking jobs. Well, what if robots and Asian companies actually brought jobs back?


10 Spectacular Cases of Musicians Selling Out in Ads

As we prepare for this weekend’s celebrity-filled Superbowl commercials, here are 10 musicians who swapped credibility for lucrative ad contracts.

Driverless Trucks Will Keep Army Safe From IEDs

U.S. Army convoys will soon be able to roll into even the roughest of unfriendly foreign urban areas and combat zones without the worry of loss of life, thanks to new technology that will make large vehicles fully autonomous.

Bitcoin's Fate Is in the Hands of Clueless Regulators

This week, New York financial regulators held hearings dedicated to bitcoin and other digital currencies, and for many of the businesses looking to push the digital currency into our everyday lives, these hearings were welcomed with open arms. The problem is that our financial regulators don’t understand bitcoin well enough

How Nintendo Plans to Make Money Again

Nintendo does not believe that it has tapped out all of the money that it could possibly make without compromising its core vision.

For $527 Million, Zynga Buys an Entirely New Game-Making Strategy

Zynga is in trouble. Riding the Facebook wave at the turn of the decade, the Silicon Valley gaming outfit was all the rage, but things are so very different today. On Thursday, it laid off 15 percent of its staff. But at the same time, in an effort to save

Tech Time Warp of the Week: The Horrifying Apple Super Bowl Ad That Time Forgot, 1985

A year after the debut of the Mac, Steve Jobs and company ran a TV ad called Lemmings. The only trouble is that the ad actually turned people off, not on ? and the product it pitched wouldn’t be ready for years.


The Gear We Couldn't Live Without This January

This is the stuff from our lives that we either own and never want to let go, or that we’ve been testing recently and are totally enamored with. This is January’s most loved gear.


This Is What a Computer Sees When It Watches The Matrix</em>

The computer’s eyes, perhaps even better than our own, register the broad shifts in cinema.