Send Me Your Business Plan

If you think you have a good project or idea I always love talking about. I don’t need 100 page business plan and I don’t need financials if is a start up, few pages is enough to absorb. Even if I’m not the right fit i may still want to help and watch the progress. I invest seed/angel money into projects that I believe in and I feel I can add a value too.

I’m not super easy to deal with.

1. Anything less than a 10 hour per day programming schedule is not a start up for me and I don’t believe on clocks…I’m probably not the right fit.

2. And if you have to make a meeting…to have a meeting or use a fancy calendar software or fancy project management software…I’m probably not the right fit.

3. If you have rubbish VC friends/involvement, or .com stories…I’m probably not the right fit.

4. If you never failed a couple times…I’m probably not the fit.

5. I don’t sign NDA’s

You can email me at