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A Couple Trips To The Future

During my year end vacation, I read a few books and saw some films. The two I want to talk about today are Dave Eggers'The Circle and Spike Jonze's Her. I am a fan of both artists and have consumed most of their prior work.

Though they

My First Investment

Brad Feld told the story of his first VC investment (after making 40 angel investments) on his blog yesterday.

The Gotham Gal told the story of her first angel investment on her blog today.

I was involved in both stories and both investments worked out well. Yoyodyne sold

New Outlets & New Voices

The greatest thing about blogging is that it has opened up so many new voices and new outlets.

Just in the past few weeks, we have two new outlets, both from WSJ veterans.

The All Things D team has flown the coop and has resurfaced as Recode. The formula seems

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code

I feel badly for Paul Graham because he's being made out to be something I am sure he is not. But the brouhaha that he unleashed about women founders, women coders, and women hackers is a good thing because we ought to be having a broader conversation about these issues.


Founders and CEOs

I watched the Steve Jobs movie with Ashton Kutcher last night on the flight to Salt Lake City. It wasn't great to be honest but the board room scences with Jobs, Markkula, and Arthur Rock (and later on John Sculley) were pretty compelling.

Having been through some of that myself over

My Talk At LeWeb Yesterday

I'm back in the states this morning and up early (jet lag). The main purpose of my trip was to give a talk at LeWeb, which I did yesterday morning. Loic asked me to talk about the next ten years and what is going to happen. That's a big ask

Some New Features on USV.com

Some New Features on USV.com

I am taking a break from video of the week this weekend to talk about the work of Kevin Marshall and Nick Grossman on USV.com. After the USV team built and launched USV.com, Nick and Kevin did a rewrite of the core web app

Sticking With The Struggling Investments

My friend Bijan tweeted this last week:

He's right, but I would go further. One of the hardest things to do in the venture business is to stick with

Employee Equity

Longtime readers will know this is a topic near and dear to my heart. I did a whole MBA Mondays series on this topic and I followed that up with a Skillshare class on the topic.

So I was excited to see that First Round Capital featured

Software vs Hardware

One of the things I am noticing is the trend to try to solve problems with software instead of dedicated hardware. That makes sense for a whole bunch of reasons, but the biggest ones are that the marginal cost of additional user is almost zero with software and that you