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Being Upfront

No feature or fun friday today. I wanted to talk a bit about a feat that my friend Mark Suster has pulled off. He has completely repositioned and rebranded a 17 year old venture capital firm. And I think it is really impressive what he has pulled off.


Valuation vs Ownership

I am talking at the PreMoney conference today (via Skype) and I woke up thinking about the challenges facing the VC industry. I hope to talk a bit about this at the conference.

Some investors are ownership focused. They want to own 20% of the business but care less

Video Of The Week: My talk with Sarah Lacy

We've already been discussing some of the things that I said in this talk, but here's the whole thing.

It's long, ~90mins, but we covered a lot of ground and if you have some time this weekend, it might be worth putting on the big screen and letting

On Corporate VCs

Every once in a while I display some emotion publicly that I regret. That happened last Thursday night on the subject of coporate venture capital.

I have written here before on the subject of corporate venture capital. I am not a fan of it.

But I do

Video Of The Week: Talking With Spencer Ante At SourceDigital13

Earlier this week at our portfolio company Flurry‘s conference, SourceDigital13, I sat down with Spencer Ante and talked about mobile and some other stuff. @boonsri was in the audience and filmed it with her iPhone and posted it to the

Random Inbound Email

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how I process random inbound email and I thought I ought to share this with everyone. So here it goes.

I get a ton of unsolicited inbound email from people I don't know. If the mail is from a person, it generally gets

The Three Letter Domain

As we were debating in our monday meeting yesterday about our brand, USV vs Union Square Ventures, I made the point that our URL is our brand and we use usv.com.

I am a fan of the three letter domain. Two is too short for me. Four is

Video Of The Week: John Doerr at Pando Monthly

I like what Sarah Lacy is doing with these monthly talks called Pando Monthly. I am going to do one on June 13th. Last week Sarah talked with John Doerr, who has been a role model for me for many years and

Running The Table

I hate it when companies try to run the table on a market.

Like Microsoft tried with desktop computing.

Like Apple tried with mobile computing.

Like Facebook tried with social networking.

And like Google is trying with the entire fucking Internet.

The good news that the market stops them. Apple and the Internet

Video Of The Week: My Talk With John Battelle at CM Summit

If you want to watch here, hit play and go to 47 minutes in. Or click on this link which will take you to you YouTube and get you to 47 minutes in.