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Pete Carroll playing in the Meadowlands today? No way he'd let this happen agian, right?

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Joe Philbin made a "confrontational" phone call to Tony Dungy over his Jonathan Martin interview.

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Whatever Manning does tonight, this is still our GOAT!

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Since the HOF announcements were today I was wondering.

Would Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas be considered first ballot HOFers?

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A realistic look at our cap situation and how to use it this offseason

Based on Over the cap (link) we will have 32 Million in cap space, which is a lot more than I expected.

For our free agents:

Randy Starks – I would pick Starks over Soliai to keep, he is an anchor for our interior defense. (3-4

Sports Friends - Team Richie

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This article really opened my eyes on the Martin-Incognito thing...

I know I probably have high hopes, but I really want Incognito back on the dolphins. This article which describes texts sent between and Martin and Incognito make me sick. Jonathan Martin is a prick. http://miami.cbslocal.com/2014/01/30/incognitos-team-reveals-texts-with-jonathan-martin/?utm_content=buffercd2b3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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Good Guy Dan Marino

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Some full games with Dan Marino

Many people wish they could have seen Marino play, and many would just like to look back on memories fondly. Finding old games is difficult, but I spent some time finding a few old games from Marino's era. I don't promise that they'll all be wins. I'm

Dan Marino says he dislikes the new team logo: "I'm a traditionalist."

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