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INCOGNITO tweets... Is he gone?

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Should the Dolphins look to draft a OT with their 1st round pick? Or should they invest on FA for it?

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Suspended NFL player Richie Incognito claims texts show Jonathan Martin wasn't bullied

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Richie Incognito's Lawyer: Martin sent coarse texts, too (I know, I know, this saga needs to end)

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My mom posted this picture of me in my first Dolphins shirt. I miss the 90's...

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Your ideal offseason?

I want to see who you go out and sign, who you retain, and who you draft if you were Hickey. If you info on who you cut, trade, or other roster moves, feel free Here's mine:

FA Retentions:

Grimes (obviously)

Soliai/Starks (they both have good arguments

Should have happened

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Full Jonathan Martin interview.

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A package arrived today.

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Knowshown Moreno not expected to resign with Denver. Should he be our #1 goals this offseason? (x-post /r/NFL)

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